You are invited to participate in the 57th Croatian & 17th International Symposium on Agriculture with an oral communication, poster presentation, presentation of your institution/company or as a participant.

The main goal of the Symposium is to present to the agronomists and the general public the results of scientific and professional work of Croatian and international specialists and in this way enable a better transfer of scientific and professional achievements into agricultural production. We also wish to establish better collaboration between scientists from different universities, research institutions and specialists from industry, trade and other related activities, that is, producers from Croatia, Europe and the rest of the World in their common field of interest in science and agricultural practice.

The work of the Symposium will proceed in the following sections:

  • Agoecology, Organic Agriculture and Environment Protection
  • Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
  • Genetics, Plant Breeding and Seed Production
  • Vegetable Growing, Ornamental, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants
  • Field Crop Production
  • Fisheries, Game Management and Beekeeping
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Pomology, Viticulture and Enology
  • Agricultural Technics
  • Climate and Agriculture

Papers not covered directly by the listed sections or themes but belonging to the agricultural filed (plant protection, food, etc.) will be allotted to one of the existing sections.

Official languages

The official languages of the Symposium are Croatian and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided for plenary presentations. Participants with oral presentations in Croatian language must have PowerPoint presentation/poster in English language.